Blossom with Joy: Maa Inti Bathukamma Photo & Video Contest 2023!

Hello, beautiful souls of Telangana! 🌼

We are thrilled to announce the “Maa Inti Bathukamma Photo & Video Contest 2023”, a vibrant celebration of our beloved floral festival, right in the comfort of our homes – “Maa Inti” (Our Home)!

Bathukamma, symbolizing Telangana’s cultural spirit, is not just a festival but an emotion, a celebration of life, and this year, we’re making it even more special!

🎉 Here’s Your Chance to Win BIG!
We bring you a fabulous opportunity to showcase your Bathukamma celebrations and win exciting cash prizes! Let’s spread the spirit of Bathukamma far and wide!

🏆 Prize Galore
Top 1: ₹10,116
Top 2: ₹9,116
Top 3: ₹8,116
…and cash prizes for up to Top 10 entries!

💫 Here’s How You Can Participate:
👉 Follow on Instagram.
👉 Post your Bathukamma celebration photo or video on your Instagram profile.
👉 Tag us and use hashtags #maaintibathukamma and #telanganapolls.
👉 Engage your friends and family to like and share your post.
👉 Top photos and videos with the most likes will win our splendid prizes!

📆 Timeline:
Contest Starts: 14-10-2023
Contest Ends: 22-10-2023
Winner Announcement: 25-10-2023

🌟 Why You Should Participate:
Celebrate Togetherness: Amidst times where distances have grown, let’s celebrate the unity that Bathukamma represents.

Showcase Your Creativity: Let the world witness your innovative celebrations and decorative skills.

Win Exciting Prizes: Your creativity and spirit could bring you exciting cash prizes!

Be a Part of Something Bigger: Your participation contributes to keeping our beautiful traditions alive and thriving!

📣 Let’s Make It Viral:
Let’s showcase the grandeur of our Telangana’s traditional festival to the world. Share your entries and ask your friends to do the same. Let’s create a vibrant tapestry of our celebrations and make “Maa Inti Bathukamma” a global sensation!

🖐 A Gentle Reminder:
Ensure your Instagram profile is public during the contest period to make sure we can witness your vibrant celebrations.

In this glittering festival of flowers, let’s create a cascade of joy and share the happiness Bathukkama brings to our homes. We’re excited to see how you celebrate “Maa Inti Bathukamma” and look forward to your fabulous entries!

Let the festivities begin, and may the best entries win! 🎊🌸🎁

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